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South & West Surfers Just for the guys and gals in the south and south west of the UK.

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Default Fizz's Devon / Somerset Rideout Notes Saturday 13th August

Hi all welcome, the more the merrier

Date : Saturday 13th August

Meet Point : Podimore Services, where the A37 and A303 join

Start Time : 11:00am


Follow A372 to Langport and then A372 to Bridgwater,
Follow A39 to Minehead, then on up over Porlock Hill, Down into Lynmouth, Follow A39 out of Lynmouth
A399 towards, Barnstable
A361 to Tiverton then
B3181 to Cullompton then
A373 to Honiton then
A30 to Chard then
A30 to Crewkerne then
A356 towards Illminster / Illchester
A303 and head towards orginal start point

Distance 165miles

I will Post up details of stops etc when I have confirmed with the pub landlord that I am thinking of suggesting we stop at for lunch that he will be able to cater for us.

I am planning on a Lunch stop plus two other stops on the way round

Now the serious bit

If I could humbly suggest that we all fill in this form.

************************************************** *******

Full Name: ________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________



Home Contact Name:_______________________________

Tel Nos: _________________________________________

Medical Conditions (eg. No penicillin):


Bike Reg No/Model: ________________________________

Recovery Company: ________________________________

Tel No: ___________________________________________

************************************************** *

And carry it on you during that day as I dont know about you guys but I dont know anybodies proper name let alone contact details etc.

I should like to point out that I will keep the speed down and it will be done at a sensible pace. However if when we stop you feel I am going to fast or slow please let me know.

I suggest that we use the drop off system as per AR05 if thats OK with everybody.

If you are interested in coming please can you post in this thread so I can get an idea of numbers, and can we keep the other thread for questions / suggestions and of course taking the mick out of each other

Hope to see you on the day



thanks for stickfying appreciated


This is the URL for the Travelodge that is at the start point
Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

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I'll be there. Early start for me I think.
I look good, I mean really good! Hey everyone come and see how good I look!

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tee jey
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I'll be there also, travelling from the same direction as Scoobs.
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I will be there definately confirmed cant wait.
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I am unlikely to be here I'm afraid but will definitely attend if I am
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Your doing a brilliant job, Fizz - I'll be there.
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Default Rideout

I will try to be there, but won't know till a few days before - will do my best
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Pencil me in mate, Mother n Father -in law live near Holsworthy (Barnstaple way) I know some of the roads around there, WELL COOL loads of twisties with no one on them

Kev (Mogs) I may make my way down with you, otherwise I may put my head down at Mother-in-laws

See ye

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I expect to be there.
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Oo sounds good, ill pen it in, mind if i tag along with you scoobs
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