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Default US healthcare costs

Brits are asked to estimate costs of US healthcare:
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Default Re: US healthcare costs

It's crazy, a colleague broke their tib&fib and the bill came to the best part of $20K.

Part of the problem though is that it is driven by insurance. The payments aren't made at point of sale but can be months later. Then you've got like we have with vehicles where the courtesy vehicle charges are inflated so they can make more money.

Say what you will about the NHS, there are going to be times where people slip through the net just based on the shear numbers being treated, I know I can rock up at A&E with a broken leg and the only worry is that I need some money for the car park.

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Default Re: US healthcare costs

I work for a US org. Healthcare is in all our packages. Professional grades get "daycare", mid grades get full care with an option of family care. Senior get family. The good is because of the size of the org, no questions about history are asked.

Similarly, we have agreements that give us 5 years il health reduced salary, so whilst we may not get leading edge salaries, we get health and maintenance packages that are big incentives when you get older and start heath issues.

Perhaps that is part of the problem. If there is cash available the recipients will milk the cash cow!
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