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Default Re: Upgrading 2002 to 2017, seat height and lowering

Remember that any modifications like this must be registered with your Insurance company as well.If not in the event of an accident they won't pay out
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Default Re: Upgrading 2002 to 2017, seat height and lowering

Originally Posted by Quatro View Post
Oh sorry, I meant I didnít know if anything had been done to the preload or shock length on mine.
If you have a stock shock, they are not adjustable for length on a curvy, if you have threads visible on the shock mounting points it's not a stock shock and is adjustable for length.

The preload on the spring is set by the rider, there's a stepped adjuster that rotates around the body of the shock that compresses the spring. Normally it's left in the middle setting, As you compress the spring the bike sits slightly lower and the ride becomes slightly more harsh.
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Default Re: Upgrading 2002 to 2017, seat height and lowering

Dont want to be pedantic or cause thread drift but to clear up a common misconception: Preload is only to change ride height.
Whatever the weight on the bike (within limits outside of which a different spring is needed) preload ensures the shock is in the correct part of its travel so that it wont bottom out on either compression or rebound.
As you screw down the preload the spring stays exactly the same but the bike rises and vice versa so it has no effect what so ever on ride quality.
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