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Default My first bike

I've been sorting my Dad's hundreds of 35mm slides and stumbled across this picture of my first bike. It's a Honda C95, 154cc twin, 4 speed, 6v with electric start, press steel frame and leading link forks. In this shot it was wearing its Dunstall megaphones which sounded different to the later small Hondas because it had a 360 crank, later ones had 180 cranks. Purchased second hand it cost me 45, my Dad and I both passed our tests on this bike. I later traded it for a new CB175 and it ended up in pieces in the dealers workshop.

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Default Re: My first bike

Closest thing to that I've ridden was a CD175
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Default Re: My first bike

Lovely bike, I bet it sounded nice through the megas too. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of 'helping' my dad work on his CB77 305 (registration JPL 425C).

One time he'd lifted the head to replace either a gasket or an o-ring that had failed and was causing an oil leak. After reassembling he decided to take it for a quick spin up the road to check the valve & ignition timing was all dialled in (the points ran off the camshaft on those Hondas). He couldn't be arsed mounting the silencers so rode it with the open headers. I can still hear that unique warbling roar from the 180-degree crank motor, and can still see the blue flames spitting from the headers as he went up the road.
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Default Re: My first bike

Pretty sure my dad had a black one of those
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Default Re: My first bike

Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
There was a whole range of them, all looking like clones, when Hondas started coming into the country although the numbering was inconsistent:
C100 50cc (C102 50cc electric start) pushrod engines, the C50/C70/C90 were OHC
C92 125cc
C95 154cc
C72 250cc
C77 305cc

Hondas became more popular when they introduced the CB versions which were sportier. The CB92 is particularly sort after now.
My mate had a Benly ( C92 or a CB 92 can't recall exact model) when I had a Bantam ( what was I thinking of ? ) - he rode it everywhere flat out in every gear and it never complained (don't know if he ever changed the oil either as he wasn't very interested in maintenance) - that bike took abuse that would have killed a Brit bike in short order.
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