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Default Installing 2006 SV650S Pointy Clocks on a 1999 SV650S Curvy

Disclaimer: Everything listed below is what i have used to install the 2006 Pointy clocks on my 99 Curvy. Everything you do, you do at your own risk and i will not be held responsible for any damage that maybe caused by doing this mod.

Lets face it, the pointy clocks look great and alot better looking than the curvy clocks, this was my thought so lets do something about it.
After a bit of research i found there is a few little issues with putting the pointy clocks on the curvy. The 2 issues that kept popping up
1. Fuel Light not working
2. Irratic Tacho Needle

My clocks after first installig them, as you can see the fuel light is constantly on and the tacho needle is bouncing all over: Before Video

After more searching i also found there wasn't a fix around for these, people seemed to be just happy with putting up with it. My thought is why?
You have put so much effort into istallig the clocks, why get sloppy now. I ended up finding the solutions to these problems on SVRider

My clocks with the Fuel Light resistors in place and the tacho signal filter fitted: After Video

Now this has been done with 2006 Clocks from a pointy so the clocks wiring to the loom will differ for different years of the pointy so just be aware.

The wiring loom on my 99 Curvy was a naked loom but all the wiring colours should be the same on all curvy looms.

What you will need:

1. 2006 SV650S Clocks (Cluster)
2. Pointy Clocks Connector:
3. The Connector Pins (These come in 10's to get 2 lots):
4. Resistors to get the fuel light working (you will need 2 of these):
5. New wire to build up the new connector:
6. Tacho Signal Filter
The Wiring Diagram can be found here with the parts needed: Here
7. A wiring diagram to show which wires on your curvy loom go to where on the pointy clocks: Here
8. Fuel Light Fix Circuit Diagram (Ignore the colour wires ): Fuel Light Circuit: Here
9. If using Clocks from a 2005 Pointy onwards you will need a different speedo rotor. 99 - 2004 speedo rotors use 4 magnets, 2005+ speedo rotors use 8 magnets.

I hope all the inforamtion above helps someone out and gives a little insight to what is involved. The main thing is to take your time and don't rush. Triple check things as you go.

Have Fun

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