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Default General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

Hey guys recently moved house so I put my curvy in a van and set of, at my old house the bike was outside but covered and had not been cranked for a month or 2 due to work etc. It know I've moved it into a garage and charged the battery, the bike would not start just crank over. So put in some fresh fuel and still no different. Checked and confirmed I have a spark at the plugs, still nothing. Had a look about the carbs and tried a burst of easy start to see if it would catch, the bike will start on easy start, drained the carbs, when I did old orangy crap came out. Tried restart did this a few times to clear the crap out out. Now I can get it started and idling but all I get are pops and bangs, and flames from the exhaust when hot, also from time to time you cannot give the bike any throttle other wise it just stops, at idle zomes times it cuts out on its own, tried to give it a good review out to clear any junk in the carbs but still seems not right, almost struggles to rev sometimes

Any help would be much appreciated
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Default Re: General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

Mine was doing this, ie pops and bangs.

Choke cable was sticking, so lubing the cable helped out
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Default Re: General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

I think it may be worth taking the carbs of and giving them a proper clean. I'm assuming that when you put fresh fuel in, you drained the old fuel out?
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Default Re: General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

When I got my curvy, it was in a hell of a state and sounded the same as you describe, it was running like a pig if it did get going at all. One of the jets on the carb was blocked, so I would repeat what Garynortheast said, carb clean worked a charm for me. (and now my bike purrs!!)
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Default Re: General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

In addition to above drain all fuel out of the tank and let it settle. Is there any water in it? If there is you need to find out how and why. If not carry on with servicing the carbs.
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Default Re: General Poor running, pops, bangs ,cuts out ?

I have cured carbed bikes of all sorts with fresh fuel with a good dose (ie whole bottle) of Redex, best to try it before taking off carbs and ultrasonic cleans etc.
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