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Default OTaL: Picture Thread

The camera has been released, I'll recap the guidelines as sort of settled on so far.

This thread is only for picture posts

Any discussion goes here: OTaL: Chat Thread
Anyone wanting to put their name down for a turn please see here: OTaL: Request List

Picture suggestions:
  • You have up to a week with the camera before you have to pass it on.
  • You should take as many pictures as necessary but your post can only be 5 (6 if you get a handover picture)
  • The first picture should ideally be a self shot (the camera lends itself to this reasonably well)
  • The second should be something local, a landmark or something of interest (if not possible/inspiring then no problem, its only a suggestion)
  • The remaining 3 can be of anything you wish to take a picture of. (remember you aren't limited to 5 shutter presses, shoot loads if you like but select 5 in the end)

Submitting your pictures:
To keep to a standard, I'd like everyone to email their chosen 5 pictures in full size (which may require sending two mails with 2 and 3 images each etc) to the address set up for this:
Myself or Stuuk1 will post the pictures to the same account as everyone else's (to form a coherent gallery as it snowballs) and send you the links to put in your own post in this thread.
If you aren't sure about mailing or run out of time, ask the next member you pass the camera to.

Passing it on:
There is no "running order" as such, it's a little too difficult to constrain so:
The choice of who and how to pass it on is up to the current holder of the camera, feel free to ask them if you are nearby (or plan to be).
Remember not to just pass it between friends though, try to make sure that everyone is included.

Camera details

It's a Canon S3is, it has a 12x zoom on it
maximum exposure time of 15s (iirc)
articulated LCD on the back allows for some interesting angle shots
super macro mode allows for some extreme close ups (almost up to the lens front) this is enabled by selecting a mode other than auto (iirc that is the only mode it doesn't enable in) and then press and hold the macro (flower) button.

Link to full gallery:
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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

Right, Here goes with the first pictures. I'll send some links to Nobbylad once I've worked out which are best and then everything should progress smoothly once we are sorted.

First picture: Me (I hate doing this but I'd suggested it for others so I should do it despite my reservations)

2: Colourful wall

3: Landscape shot

4: Extreme Closeup

And finally: The handover. I'd had quite a dash over so I was amped up on adrenaline, hence the stupid grin. First time I'd met Mark though so was really nice to see a new face.
K6 SV650S Sport: GSXR 1000 front end, Penske shock, F.Fabbri DB clear screen, colour matched hugger, Corbin riders seat, Evotech tail tidy, Akrapovic full system, Twin 55w HID lights, Givi rack and..... the biggest top box known to man
"Well I've met God and he had nothing to say to me"
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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

My efforts below...not as inspiring as Brettus', but even though I had the camera for a bit longer, the weather was always carp and I couldn't get some of the shots I wanted.

I declined to do a self-portrait on the basis that one shot of my ugly mug is enough (in the handover).

My new bike, haven't had a road bike in over 25yrs...crikey it makes your bum sore/teeth rattle!

This was a great view, but a rubbish picture. Where I was stood was quite gloomy, but the sunshine was glorious over the patchwork quilt of landscape. In the long distance to the left, you can just make out some of the windmills on the Liverpool/Crosby coast.

A pretty dismal shot of my bike, I couldn't park it so the sun was behind me and I was running out of time to get some shots in

I wasn't sure how well this one would turn out, it's a house that's been a local landmark for as long as I can remember. It's in Southport and is built on what is basically a swamp of quick sand (at least that's what we used to think as kids). The land all around is quite sandy and as it's close to the coast, moves around quite a bit. The original houses were built on rafts to stop them sinking, however it didn't quite work. There's a lot of new developments around the area where, presumably, they've engineered the foundations better, however this house is one of the few left and when you see it, it looks wierd...this old, wonky house, that looks like it's going to fall over, right next to a load of brand spanking new (straight houses).

Finally, a food picture! A pan of traditional scouse in it's formative day...once simmered for several hours, it was left to cool, then re-heated the next day for maximum flavour, served with warm, crusty bread, with butter and red cabbage. YUM! (and it's used up for lunch during the rest of the week).

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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

Oy! You!

Wigan Pier

Mill Town

Winter Hill

Giz a go on yer bike mister! No.

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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

The 'Self Shot'
(Needed a shave, thought it'd be an opportune moment to try some beard art in honour of the Org )

The 'Landmark Shot'
(Centre of Manchester, as seen from my office window in Oldham! - Heavily zoomed in mind...)

The Moon from a Car
(Something a bit different...)

Someone famous...
(Can you guess who it is?)

The Shimmer of Manchester

The Handover Photo

- Steve
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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

Right guys here they are:
P.s I'll edit and put details about them when on the computer.

My Amazing Bikes

Earl In my brothers helmet

Trafford centre fireworks zoomed in from my front window

The Trafford Centre our local landmark ( Selfridges ice skatin rink, any ladies want to go)

Night time Shot out my bedroom window

Handover Photo featuring the Sv lunge
RIP Reeder
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Originally Posted by Reeder View Post
Josh Walker sounds quite an epic name to be honest.
Originally Posted by Reeder View Post

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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread


I had an interesting time with the camera but I did think that it may have been nicer to have it during a hot summers week on the beach J

Anyway here goes

This was the first night and it was foggy so I took a picture of the street light.

This is 'Dream' near St Helens, you can see it above the M62.

This one of my plants, wrong time of year to get a good picture but it's nice enough. This is a Sarracenia Farharnii.

This is an HDR photo of my bike. It is made up of five images at different bracketed Exposures and then merged in Luminance HDR to pick out as much detail as possible.

This is obviously KFC, I love KFC, nuff said really.

Handover shot today with Suzukiness (I want a SV1000 )

Loving the thread and I'm looking forward to your pics.

All the best - Si
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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

one view... 5 different angles all taken on the same day (on a clear day you can see for miles... )

The clouds hanging low over Manchester in the distance (Stockport to the fore)

Sun breaking through the clouds

Fenced in

closer view of Hyde, Stockport

Manchester Airport to the left, Warrington just left of centre

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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

Here's my piccies too.

Ordsall Hall near to where I work

Need any explanation?!

Swinton Cenotaph and Town Hall

I think a lot of bikers in this neck of the woods will recognise this view from The Wine Press Looking over Hollingworth Lake.

And what set of pictures is complete without a picture of the dog! This is my poorly little Staffie called Jenson.

Handover pic.
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Default Re: OTaL: Picture Thread

Local landmark - Ann Griffiths memorial chapel. Ann Griffiths was an 18th century hymn writer and poet, revered by the chapel community, and born and raised in the area in which I live. The chapel was built in 1905 as a memorial to her.

A wintry view of a thistle and Rosa Rugosa rosehips in my front garden.

I play trad Welsh music on a button accordeon and during the week I went with the Tanat Valley dancers to play for a folk and clog dance workshop for the local young farmers. My 10 year old twin daughters Sioned and Eleri came with me, played the flutes on some of the dances, and did some dancing too. This is Sioned doing a spot of Welsh clogging.

I drive fairly regularly between the next village and mine using a small lane which crosses the ridge between our two villages. This is the view looking SW from the westerly end of the lane. The hill on the right is Moel Bentyrch and the ridge behind it is line of hills north of Cefn Coch.

A picture of me and my nearly 13 year old lurcher, Maisie, taken this morning on the side of the hill behind my house.

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