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Default Crashy Mcgee rules?

Do I have to be a southerner or a Londoner to be a member of the Crashy McGee club?

It looks like I wrote off my SV400 yesterday morning (well its past midnight, so technically its yesterday)

I won't go into loads of details, but here's a link to more info on how I did it

and some photos

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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?


I dunno, I might be crashiest in the penine massive at the moment...
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

Well, first proper crash in 16 years, so I'm doing well and neither myself or my pillion were hurt more than a few bruises and aches, so I don't claim to crash lots, but I'm new here, so don't know what the rules are for the yellow t shirt

I'm gutted really, the SV has changed the way I ride in so many ways, I've only hadi it 5 months and it gave me so much confidence, a bike I could easily handle and that suited me so well and I've gone & broken it, I will be doing my best to make a claim against the farmer responsible for the mud, but I don't have high hopes and either way my pride and joy is still a crumpled mess in my garage :'(

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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

Sorry to hear about the bike.
Glad you and the pillion are Ok!!!

Hope all turns out well with the claim.

Here the police would have charged the farmer for causing the accident and he would have to pay for all damages.
The US does have some good traffic laws.

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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

That isn't just a bit of mud, it's all the mud in England...

Sue the buggers
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

I would deffo get your insurance to claim off the farmer. If the Cops turned out and told him to sort it, there will be a record of it for you to use to help your claim.
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

That ain't mud, thats a mud bath. Thats absolutely terrible. had a peep at the clothes pic and it looks like you dunked yourself in well and truely.
I do hope you give the farmer what he deserves for that, and glad you are both ok.

Dunno about Crashy McGee, but I'm Crashy does Crashy McDoof sound
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

Unfortunately the Yellow Tee-shirt is purely a soho massive thing, but you can have a virtual one if you like!

Sorry to hear about the off, glad you aren't too injured and I second (or third) everyone elses advice about getting the insurance claim from the farmer
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Drew Carey
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

I think i am Crashy McDrew also.......having had three ding dongs in less than a year!!!! Eeeeek.

As for the pics, I cannot believe the state of the road. Some of ours are bad round here, but nothing compared to that......surprised they havn't even had cars come off.
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Default Re: Crashy Mcgee rules?

Hmmm, Crashy McDoof, sounds good, might go with that, does anyone have any objections to me also using it on the other site I frequent?

I had a feeling the Yellow tee was region specific, ah well, never mind, I'll accept the virtual one with grace

A number of cars, landrovers and HGV's were sliding all over that mud in the 2 hours I sat waiting for a recovery van, and yes I have every intention of claiming from the farmer for all of my losses as all my bike kit is ruined, as is my Son's, we both hit our heads (no injury, but impact felt), his helmet is marked, I felt mine hit the floor but it is unmarked, I've slightly twisted my ankle so my bike boots have served their purpose and my bike clothes are torn, My son's have taken impact damage so at least need new armour, I will argue anyone who tries to suggest we re-use them, as for my bike, the frame is damaged, it may be 9 years old and a bit tatty, but its my pride and joy and if it wasn't for that farmer's pathetic idea of a cleanup I would still have it in a rideable condition. Getting it valued could be an issue, there aren't many SV400s around to get a price comparison

Insurance company has been informed and I have made it clear I want the claim to be made against the farmer for all of my losses, uninsured or insured, they have also been given the police incident number.

Thanks everyone for all your comments, I know I'm fairly new here and don't post much, but I do appreciate your replies, if anyone has any experience of making a claim against a someone for similar circumstances and can give me any advice it would be most welcome, this is the first time I've ever had to make a claim for myself ( I did handle a couple of claims for my ex while we were together)

Crashy McDoof
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