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Default Re: Service history

Originally Posted by Adam Ef View Post
I quite like seeing MOT advisories (rather than fails) and then checking that the person acted on them... gives a good indication that people care for the bike / car.
My K6 got pulled for a noisy exhaust in 2015 but not a word said since, I've MOT'd it here in NI no problem (It's a Remus Revolution with no baffle, you can literally see light at the other end of the can)

But interestingly had advice in, 2011 for stiff steering movement,2014 for notchy steering yet passed in '15 '16 and '17(I owned it this year) with the front end up the bars stayed dead at 12oclock indicating the bearings being knackered. I have no history for any work being done to it those years

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Talking Heads
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Default Re: Service history

FSH just means the book's been stamped.
There's no guarantee the work has been done properly.
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Default Re: Service history

I agree that a stamp in the book doesn't mean the works been done but if it's supported by receipts at a dealership then it's likely been done and better than no history at all.

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Default Re: Service history

I just paid a little over 1000 for a very clean 2002 with 26k miles. It's got the V5C, 2 previous owners but that's about it.

Part of me thinks that for a bike with 26k miles and only 2 owners, to be as clean as it is, it's probably been looked after reasonably well.

Regarding MOTs can also see via the site that it's been MOT'd and passed every year since 2006 (can't see any further back than that).

It's gonna have a 'once-over' service from the selling garage and I'll probably have it fully serviced once I get my hands on it

Frankly for that price, I'm not too bothered about a paper trail of service receipts.
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Default Re: Service history

Only once out of about 20 bikes did i ever buy an absolute dog and that's just because I WANTED a CBX1000 and stupidly bought the first one i found up for sale, other than that I'v been lucky enought to never have much more than a dodgy coil (VT750) or some really cruddy and never cleaned brakes (most of them).

These days I just buy a new bike every 2 or 3 years and trade it in for the next one though if my body lets me keep going, the Triumph Bobber i picked up this summer is a keeper, it is really just... Fun
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Default Re: Service history

Originally Posted by Talking Heads View Post
FSH just means the book's been stamped.
There's no guarantee the work has been done properly.
Or even done at all unfortunately..............................

Same with cars, I have had 2 to 3 year old cars from main dealers with 'full dealer service history' with black air and aircon filters and quite severe rust on outside of oil filter - IMHO non of them been changed since car was new. Just hope they changed the oil and were too lazy to fit new filter - I don't like to think what else didn't get done during the FSH.
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Default Re: Service history

I bought my K3 in 2013 so was 10 years old with just under 8000 miles on it. It looked good and ran well but the last service stamp was 08/2008. Previous owners had done under 2000 miles in the 5 years they had it since then. As soon as I got back with it, it went for a full service. The only mods were a double bubble Puig screen, fender extender and Oxford heated grips, all useful rather than flashy. I have no mechanical aptitude so it gets a garage service once a year. The garage owner is a friend and a biker.

I am currently putting 2500 miles a year on it.
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