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Default Re: What is this and how do I make one...

RiffR4ff is spot on, if you don't look after the RR connectors and they get corroded you would be surprised how much heat can be produced by the high resistance - this is heat produced OUTSIDE the RR but conducted inside the RR through the connector, the heatsink on the RR has to try to get rid of it, something it was not designed to do - so the RR gets much hotter than it should and the heat causes thermal runaway in the diodes - meltdown.

Gold plated connectors are actually higher resistance than silver or nickel ones initially, but because the gold does not oxidize the connections maintain a stable resistance throughout their life, whereas other platings oxidize and increase in resistance, and it is a vicious circle, the hotter they get the more they oxidize, the more they oxidize the hotter they get...................................

If you can seal the connectors from oxygen and water (water is a source of oxygen) you should not have a problem. Petroleum free silicone grease (rubber friendly) is good, ACF-50 also OK.
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