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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Made it home safe yesterday. Didn't have the energy to type until now! Good weekend and a very pleasant ride home, even though I managed to lose all 3 people I was with somewhere around Hungerford. Sorry folks, there is a plausible explanation and I didn't just bugger off!
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Got home sfae and sound yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm. Decided to go home via Marlborough and Salisbury, didn't fancy the M4/A34, great run down. Thanks to everyone once again for the organising of the weekend and the run. A hard act to follow next year.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Cheers all. Few minor detours enroute but all good. For my next camping trip - a bigger tent.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Took the long way home. Slept lots. See you all next year
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Back home safe yesterday evening - was way too tired to fight with my laptop last night.

Thanks to Bear for a great, wiggly, route home.

Thanks to all for a brilliant weekend.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Back safe but only now awake enough to type - thanks Bear - your wiggly bits are awsome!

And to Messie for the ride after that.

Not so happy to get home to 3 piles of cat puke - I think he was cross we didn't take him along with us.
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blue curvy jester
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

got back lunch time yesterday but too knackered be assed to type

next year i need paniers not a rucksack
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Would anybody like any...
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Also back last night, and only just rising to the level of civilisation required to post here... might need another quick nap to actually handle face to face human contact though. Made it to Matts reception at about 9:30 PM in the end.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

me and drew have just got home. Great weekend thanks all!
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miss you Hovie- pie
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Originally Posted by monkey View Post
I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere, somewhere in a field in Wales.
In the middle of the night, it seems alright, but then tomorrow morning, oooooooh, oooooh when you come down.....
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