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Default Good quality screwdrivers.

I am after some good quality long reach screwdrivers 30/35 cm long.
Flat head and Philips (or pref JIS).
Have some expensive Facom ones,with "lifetime warranty" turns out the handles rotting to bits is not covered under warranty!
So any experienced suggestions welcome.
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Adam Ef
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

If you want expensive ones then Vessel are very good and do JIS ones. I use Draper and they're decent. They do some that don't claim to be JIS but the profile on a few of them definitely is, particularly their 100mm no.2, which has the same profile as the very expensive Park Tool JIS "bicycle specific" one. We use them in the bicycle shops I work in as they're a lot cheaper and are decent enough quality.

You can buy them individually too as half that set is usually irrelevant to most people.

Hozan are also meant to be very good but more expensive. The Vessel ones are very good if you've got the budget.
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

Some people say Philips bits fit JIS screws, but they don't and you end up with rounded out heads...

The Laser ones good quality but ot as long as you like but ruggedroads do longer Vessel JIS ones at a price
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

Thanks for all the input,will try a few of those suggested if any tool shops still exist.
Bought a set of shorter laser ones last week which I'm happy with so far.
Can't believe i only learnt about jis screwdrivers a few weeks ago (possibly through this forum).
I have been working on Japanese bikes and cars for 30 years- duh!
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

I use Halfords Pro tools, they do a JIS range (blue) and being high street are fairly easy to source. The bigger the store the bigger the range, alternatively they have some sort of online collection but I've never used that. Now I've not used some of the other brands, but compared to the cheepo tools you start off with these are like night and day. Price wise I think they're quite reasonable and if you time it right there might be an offer on.
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

I've got a,"Vessel" long necked JIS screwdriver(To get to Choke Plungers initially) and it has a magnetic tip which can be useful.Got it off Amazon.

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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

Teng make good stuff otherwise had good experience with halfords Pro they have actually swapped stuff in the past no hassle (years old).
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Default Re: Good quality screwdrivers.

Vessel they work. they last. they cheep for what they are. i personally use the impact ones and they have saved my kevin a few times.

if the handles are wearing out then your using the wrong "solvent/hazard" type. wooden handles will last a lifetime if used for the correct work placement. its a bit like "bits" for drill drivers. "chapping" them coz you cant control the proper torque, speed or pressure will wear them out, same goes for drivers in muppets hands.
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