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Default I have a headache!

Oh, jeez, is it morning already?

A night in the Childrens ward for the second time this year. I'm knackered!

Proper asthma attack, try to get him to stop panicking and start breathing whilst waiting for the ambulance stuff, then he did it again in the hospital. Getting kicked off by a chest infection. Pumped him full of steroids and antibiotics and he's on a salbutamol nebuliser every two hours. He's breathing normally now, but they'll need to wean him off the nebulisers and see him sustain his own breathing for a period of time before he can come home.

That boy is getting far too good at scaring the f****g sh!t out of his parents!
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Default Re: I have a headache!

glad the little chaps ok and in good hands... chin up etc
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Least you are all in the right place - Q hugs to you and Sandrine.

Kids will do that though for the rest of your life - so i get told
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Glad all is ok now, I dread that kind of moment.
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Scary stuff -Ralph-. Large whisky reqd?

No2 daughter gave us a number of similar frights, and at 25 she still frightens me when she gets a cold and starts coughing and wheezing.
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Glad hes ok now Ralph. My 5 yr od has mild asthma, I dread the day he has a bad attack.
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Default Re: I have a headache!

scary stuff. gald the wee man is ok.
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Heck. Glad to hear the little man is ok now. YC once had a bad asthma attack when a little boy, he's not had one since, scared his mam so much if she hears so much as a wheeze it's straight onto the inhaler, got me paranoid as well now. Such a scary thing asthma, well anything that compromises airways
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Ralph mate I'm sure its very scary for you, but as a childhood asthma sufferer let me tell you its a lot more scary for him. You did the exactly the right thing to try to calm him and help him to breathe - a hard thing for a scared youngster.

I had several stays in hospital, one which meant I missed an entire half term of school in year 5 (I think - I'm crap with these new fangled school years!). I was not in good shape and scared the crap out of my parents more than once. The point is I got over it and have enjoyed sport since my early teens, I'm sure your son will too.

In the meantime, group hug time! Thoughts with you and your family in this difficult time.
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Default Re: I have a headache!

Been there with my eldest when she was 3, really scary stuff, doctors out in the middle of the night is not good for ones health, so I'm glad he's ok.

Things will get better in time once they've got his medication sorted out
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