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Default Re: anti freeze

As you are adding coolant which is full of corrosion inhibitors as well as antifreeze any corrosive affects of using pure water are negated. I have 1000s of litres of the stuff at work and the supplier recommends using deionised/demineralised water as the base for the coolant.
The pH of demineralised water will be 5.6 in air due to dissolved CO2. Unless you use a very specific pH meter it won't read anything like accurately as the demineralised water will just dissolve the electrolyte.
However the corrosion inhibitors in the coolant will mean that the water is no longer demineralised and the pH becomes irrelevant.
Personally unless you have a source of pure water at home I'd buy premix as it is less hassle. Remember it is not just dissolved solids it is particulate matter as well. Particles in your coolant are grinding paste for the water pump seal.
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