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Default Dyno session for new exhaust (Curvy)?

Hi all,

I'm doing a sort of modern/retro makeover on my SV650S

As part of that I want to fit a reverse cone style retro silencer.

Do I need to / Should I pay for a dyno session to have it retuned/mapped or will the change in silencer not really make that much of a difference?

I've changed silencers on pretty much every bike I've ever owned, but they've always been bike-specific aftermarket silencers - not sure if it's really much of an issue with fitting a 'universal' silencer.
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Default Re: Dyno session for new exhaust (Curvy)?

The recommendation on here seems to be: changing complete exhaust system then retune best but if its just the can its not necessary.
Saying that though your bike will probably pop on overrun and consume a bit more fuel after the change.....
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Default Re: Dyno session for new exhaust (Curvy)?

I took the advice from this forum when I put a Slip-on exhaust on my 1999 Curvy e.g make sure I cut a decent distance from the join.

I used some of the information from this post by Skivvie T

It has not affected the engine's performance.Perfect plug colour and once I'd ran some Redx Through the fuel and balanced my carbs I now get over 150+ miles before my Low fuel warning comes on which is fine by me for my weight <175 Lbs
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Default Re: Dyno session for new exhaust (Curvy)?

Thanks all!
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