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Default 8.7 seconds ...

... is the time it takes this 370bhp supercharged Hayabusa to reach 150mph. Totally over the top and unnecessary for the road, of course. But wouldn't it be great to borrow one for a couple of hours?
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Sir Trev
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Default Re: 8.7 seconds ...

The STrippple 765 I had as a loaner when Hugh had his first service scared the life out of me so flip knows what that sort of a monster would do to my nerves.
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Default Re: 8.7 seconds ...

That's just completely bonkers!
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mister c
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Default Re: 8.7 seconds ...

I always say that they're built for the older generation that ride at 60 mph, but can brag that they own the fastest bike in the world. I had a friend that did just that back in the day when he bought a brand new ZZR1100, he gave it to me to "have a go" because he knew that I would give it a "proper try" ha ha ha ha.
I have watched turbo versions of the Busa at the dragstrip & boy, are they fast!
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Default Re: 8.7 seconds ...

I have a friend who has similar missiles. He had a turbo-Busa a few years ago and used it for the straight line wheelie speed competitions. He also used it on the road. I think his best was around 168mph for a wheelie over the measured distance of 1km. If you are in the york area when the wheelie comp. is on, its a fun meet.
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