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Default Re: Caberg Duke

Another thread revival by me today !!

I have a Caberg Duke and it's pretty good for the money.

I bought medium and fits my napper well.
As others have said, chin touches the front when closed and peripheral vision isn't the best.

What I did have problems with was the amount of air rushing in at the bottom and over my mouth. This was confusing as the vents point up at the visor and the chin curtain was right under my head and I use a neck doofer so pretty much had no air gap.
Eventually I narrowed it down to the holes in the chin curtain. So I covered them over with patches from a bicycle puncture repair kit. No more excessive air...which is good when riding through winter !!

Like others, I had a bit of bother getting the pinlock to seal properly and again as others have said, the pins can't be adjusted, or at least, not by turning them as you can in the aftermarket kits. Believe it or not, they are actually in the correct position, you just have to keep lifting the pinlock and moving it up or down slightly until it seals. It will seal eventually, I promise. Took me about 10 minutes playing about.

Noise wise, I do a lot of motorway miles and at 70mph it can get a bit noisy as the wind blasts past your ears. I use custom earplugs too, but the wind noise is greater than the sound of the bike exhaust.
Again, as others have said, lifesavers seem to allow air in somehow and you get a different wind sound.

For the money it's good and it's my second Caberg helmet. This replaced an Ego last year.

I think for me though, I'll save up and get the Schuberth C3 next. I tried my pals and it was almost silent on the motorway. Bit pricey though. I'll wait till the C4 comes out to get a "bargain" !!
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Default Re: Caberg Duke

Value for money Duke is very good, I got a white one a couple of months ago (after seeing how visible a white helmet is on other riders - and a white helmet stays cooler in the sun), bike shop fitted the pinlock and I have not had a problem with misting so far. Quieter than my AGV and less buffeting when you turn your head. Only gripe would be (and it could be my fumble fingers) is that the release button for the lifting front can be a bit challenging to find sometimes. I could happily ride my naked AL7 without earplugs until I fitted a small screen to bike, then the noise level went up, will probably take screen off during summer months. Unlike previous poster I found not enough air coming in to mouth area and I drilled couple of 6mm holes in the inner hard foam to line up with front vents, just enough air for me now (all the air seemed to be routed up across visor before and felt a bit claustrophobic without the visor open to first notch). What I like about sun visor positioning is that it is stepless and will stay in any position (sometime you don't want it fully down as you want to be able to look under lower edge to see instruments but still keep sun out of you eyes). Is very comfortable, my chin is not big enough to hit helmet unless I really make an effort to jut it out.

Safety rating and price are in no way directly connected to each other (the Duke is living proof of that). The Attached DOC file has a great graph chart of cost vs safety. Also link below to site

One thing I like about Caberg is they are made in Italy and not in the No32 peoples crash helmet factory deep in China.
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