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Default TD Bike Hire/Lend SOS!

I've gone and ballsed up here fellas, why I decided to pull apart a perfectly decent working bike a month before a track day is beyond me!
I might have stood a chance of getting my SV650 ready in time had it not been for the latest ball-ache involving a hybrid gsxr front end that was sold to me as a K6 set up and a collection of brake discs all the wrong size......see these threads for an idea of how to balls up the brakes......

I've just sat and made a list of what's left to do to get her up and running for the B&W track day in a weeks time and I'm going to struggle. I'm working everyday till the 12th (bar the Sunday) and I honestly don't think I'm going to get her ready.

So I'm going to just come out and say it, has anyone got a bike that's ready for the track that I could borrow/hire? I'm in novices so don't need anything crazy fast/expensive! Another SV, steelie CBR, a 400??
I know it's a big ask and I totally understand people thinking, "FU*K OFF MATE!" but I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate. If it helps I'm not a crazy **** on the track and would treat any bike like it was my own.

The TD is at Cadwell on the 12th and I'm down near Milton Keynes.

If by some miracle I get the SV ready then all this wont be necessary, but I thought it would be an idea to put this out there in the hope that someone might be able to help.

Track - 2001 SV650, ZX10 shock, GSXR K6 Forks, wheel and radial callipers, full M4 race exhaust system.

Bimbling - 2002 SV650n
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Default Re: TD Bike Hire/Lend SOS!

I can't access your links, what do you actually need to complete the bike?
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Default Re: TD Bike Hire/Lend SOS!

Oh no never started tinkering with my bike before a TD , learnt my lesson too !!

How you getting on with it?
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