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Default Re: N.I.P

Things must have changed in Wales! I was once told "If you step on it boy, you'll make it easy!" when I asked a Welsh copper directions just to find that I was in the wrong part of wales with the same name. Very sporting of him, so I did as directed. Fabulous roads!
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Default Re: N.I.P

shop around for a course if you are on the border of a few counties. Mine was cheaper south of the river.
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Default Re: N.I.P

So there we are then. Booked a morning for Monday of patronising tosh and dodgy statistics, delivered by self important guardians of civilised behaviour, all for the heinous crime of exceeding the NSL by 11mph on a wide, dry straight piece of road with good visibility and no traffic.
And I still can't figure out how I didn't see the buggers.
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Default Re: N.I.P

Enjoy the free tea
We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
Make everyday count
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Red Herring
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Default Re: N.I.P

If you think of it as some kind of law enforcement, judicial process and apply the kind of logic that such establishments should attract then you'll only wind yourself up. If you consider it a local revenue generating system and treat it with the contempt that it deserves you'll feel a whole lot better about it..... that's what I do. I don't know of anybody who has actually been thrown off one of these courses for being an argumentative provocative git but I'm sure going to try if I'm ever lucky enough to be invited onto one....
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Default Re: N.I.P

I can think of no-one better qualified
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Red ones
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Default Re: N.I.P

I sat at the back and got biker comments thrown at me for a morning. The usual too fast etc.

I was done for 45 in a 40 in my car.
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Default Re: N.I.P

Originally Posted by Red ones View Post
I sat at the back and got biker comments thrown at me for a morning. The usual too fast etc.

I was done for 45 in a 40 in my car.
Same with me. The course was with the police officer I.did Bike Safe with as well.
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Trev B
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Default Re: N.I.P

I had to go to the naughty boys club 2 years ago, my first ever offence in nearly 50 years,ex driving instructor took us, ( not police ) who was very good and none judgemental and found it quite interesting,actually anyone over 65 should be made to attend as long as it's free,As the guy said,I'm not here to punish you or judge you,you have not been reckless or dangerous,we've all done it,myself included,but due to modern technology you've been caught,it's a speed awareness course not a court?
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Default Re: N.I.P

Take the course and brace yourself for the worst 4 hours of your life. Yes FOUR hours!!!
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