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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by chris8886 View Post
my dicky ticker's gone on the wonk again! so am sat in hospital in London again. on the positive side, it looks like the operation that I was due to have has been moved up in timescale to the next few days. just annoying that it seems to take something like this to happen to get them to do it!
Hope that gets sorted really quickly for you! Definitely not what you want to be dealing with. Take it steady and gws.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by punyXpress View Post
... so only 55+ year olds have ever experienced REAL snow !

I've encountered the "wrong type of snow" that caused rail chaos on Shrove Tuesday back in 1991. Unfortunately I'd been to a funeral in London of a fellow biker who'd lost her battle with cancer and after seeing Poppy on to the train at Paddington I headed for Victoria mid-afternoon and my train back to Brighton (was still a student then). We got as far as Burgess Hill or so with the train bucking and crashing about as the third rail pickup shoe kept getting snow build up and losing contact. After sitting in BH for a while the driver came over the PA and said he'd try and get through. It was very uncomfortable and we just made it - the last of the day to do so. Services were all cancelled after that as snow continued to fall really hard. Odd day. Got soaking wet feet by the time I'd walked home (no taxis anywhere), had a drink and some pancakes made by my flatmate, and then we built an enormous snowman in the middle of the road, which after a few more drinks became a snow woman... The wet sticky type of snow that day was also getting sucked into air ducts on the electric overhead locos that was causing them to shut down and fail so I was lucky to have made it through at all! Perfect snow for sculpting and snowball fights but terrible for trains.
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