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Default Re: Super heavy clutch pull (Snapped clutch cable)

Mine is a first gen curvy. I find the clutch quite heavy and actually painful after an hour or so. Less if town riding. I have an aftermarket lever but it looks like an oem, in size, but is carbon fibre look. I replaced the worm gear and cable with a Wemoto one and it fitted no problem. The clutch didn't really get lighter but the action and gear changes did get smoother.
I've tried re-routing and lubricating the cable, which probably helped long term but with no immediate difference.

Mind I'm no where near needing 2 hands to pull it in.
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Default Re: Super heavy clutch pull (Snapped clutch cable)

The grooves in the actuator mechanism wear, and even with new balls they don't work so well. The clutch on my fathers curvy was uncomfortably heavy despite a new cable and a cleaned, greased and correctly adjusted actuator, so he shelled out for a new actuator and it transformed the feel and weight of the clutch.
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