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Default ohh dam thing

well i was riding with my mate around some country lanes and going bout 15 mph because it was raining and muddy, so i braked to stop, braked again then it started to slide so i layed off the brakes but was heading towards a tree so braked again and low sided the dam thing only had the r6 two days and i have scuffed the side already
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bad luck dude whats the damage like "clutch in ride around the obstacle"
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Sid Squid
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You have my enormous sympathies, it's a bummer when you dump your bike - 'specially when it's a new 'un.

It weren't an SV you dropped though was it? So it's moving anyway.
If an SV650 has a flat tyre in the forest and no-one is there to blow it up, how long will it be 'til someone posts that the reg/rec is duff and the world will end unless a CBR unit is fitted? A little bit of knowledge = a dangerous thing.

"a deathless anthem of nuclear-strength romantic angst"
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hm well its nothing that can't be repaired it made a hole through the fairing tho lol
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That's crap.
Next door to our apt in Ireland, lad obviously *just* bought himself an R1. Absolutely beautiful yoke. So, he is worried it was going to get robbed, since we lived in a dodgey area. He wheels it in the alley way, behind the apt, and its the summer, so he just puts the prop stand down on the grass which is fairly baked dry at this point.

Does a bit of double checking, just to make sure its solid, and its bedded in nicely.
Off for a cup of tea in next door, and I was out sitting on the back step, dribbleing on myself...

and theeeeeerre she goes. Slow motion, the stand just drove right through into the grass, and the whole thing dropped on its side.

The pair of us got up in unison, Linford Christie style, hands stretching out, and both of us just didnt make it, as it cracked into the ground. Like a movie. Urgh.

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