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Default Packing up the SV for winter

Hello all,

Having only purchased my SV in June I am now looking to pack my baby away for winter as I am too much of a woofta to ride when it gets below 20 C, its a shame as I was really starting to enjoy riding her during those few glorious summer days that we had

Who has any advice for packing it away in a garage over the winter months? Should I remove the battery, buy an optimate and put it on that? What else should I do? I must say I am looking for the most cost effective way of packing it away; I have seen those air bubble things on ebay but they cost a bit and that may take it a little too far...

Look forward to seeing you on the road when it gets warm again.


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The only way to get the battery through the winter is to charge it regularly (lead-acid batteries should be stored fully charged in a cool dry place). I'd take it off the bike and use an Optimate as you suggest. It doesn't need to stay on it permanently, maybe one day every couple of weeks will do nicely.

I'd fill the tank with fuel just before you put it away. It stops problems with condensation in the tank and fuel keeps better in bulk so starting it again after winter will be easier. It's not absolutely ideal but it's probably the easiest option.

I leave my bikes uncovered in the garage, I find this minimises the problems with condensation.

Spray metal parts (other than brakes!) with WD40 or similar, oil or grease the chain, spray furniture polish (Pledge or Mr.Sheen etc) works well too, especially for engine and those awkward nooks and crannies. Wash and polish the bodywork just before putting it away.
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Just to add to what embee has already said......if you can jack the bike up off the tyres then do so, if not, then put a few extra psi in them to stop them getting "brusied" for sitting so long. Also as well as filling the tank to the top, do the same with the engine oil for the same reasons. Just don't forget to drain it again when you take her out of hibernation. It might be an idea to put an additive in the fuel to stop it going off. Fuel has a shelf life before it because ****e and will block your fuel system.

Try if you can to chuck oil down your break and clutch lines as well, this will stop the steel wire from rusting.
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Same as above i also have a low powered raditor in my shed.Running cose 1p per hour.
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