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Default Re: How not to install Ubuntu

Don't like the standard Ubuntu Unity interface?
Simple, use one of the many alternatives, Xfce is my preference.
(I've never used Unity)

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Default Re: How not to install Ubuntu

It's a valid criticism - Ubuntu has "gone a lot more M$" these days with its GUI. Crashes happen - but it's the level of the crashes that is less severe. Windows will just die with a bluescreen or whatever - Ubuntu's GUI will occasionally crash - but the OS itself stays running. Is this a help to the average user? not really. But if you're running a server, we don't even install a GUI.

You can run any GUI you want but this is beyond the abilities and interest of normal users. Expectations of a computer are based on what Windows can do, so anything outside or different to this are seen as limitations.

Bizarrely, as a general trend, as Ubuntu gets closer to Windows in terms of capability, it also seems to be losing stability.

I also think that people want functionality for free, in terms of effort, rather than cost. I think as the world goes more tech, that's not a luxury you can have. Just having a vague comprehension of the way things work goes a long way, regardless of whether it's computers, engines or fountain pens.
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