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2013 Annual Rideout Plan and discussions for next years event

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Paul the 6th
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Default Re: The Lew Speight leeds to loomies run thread courtesy of spank86 sponsored by ""

I tend to prefer to ride on my own over long distance because I can be selfish and ride steady if I'm tired, or ride like a French paparazzi if the traffic dynamics start to annoy me (ppl sat in lane 3 at 65mph with no traffic in lane 2).

I may well be riding down ahead of schedule for some bro-mo homo time with Simon fallout, but failing that if we're going on the same day/time and you wanna link up, the motorways aren't bad at all. I usually ride til fuel light comes on, don't like wasting time stopping every half hour as it ends up taking 7 hours to complete a 3.5 hour journey.

But yeah honestly lew don't worry about/over think it, you'll have a great time if you do attend, the journey down will be a bit of an adventure for you if you don't regularly travel a long way from home. Let me know your timetable on the Friday
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Default The Lew Speight leeds to loomies run thread courtesy of spank86 sponsored by ...

Sounds good to me Paul.
I can do either type of riding too.

My timetable for Friday is none existent so could probably set off whenever is best for whoever.
As long as it isn't like 5am and I can get some form of a lie in haha

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Default Re: The Lew Speight leeds to loomies run thread courtesy of spank86 sponsored by ""

It doesn't matter if you ride alone, sometimes I like the open road and just me. I rode to the AR in Wales alone, I had an epic ride there took all A roads and B roads ect. Just do it, you have to travel alone at some point, I started as teen so its never bothered me.

I can't make the AR, got to many things going on right now, I have been to to enough to know its a good w/end!
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Default Re: The Lew Speight leeds to loomies run thread courtesy of spank86 sponsored by ""

If I can make it to land of the nessie on my own, then you can make it to ar, at least when you go south it becomes more populated were im going its all fields and water lol, bear in mind farthest ive been from home is blackpool ( 20 mile away). Its an challenge and adventure you love it.
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