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2005 Annual Rideout To discuss and plan this years get-together

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I would like to say thanks to Leigh (Baldyman) as after the initial couple of scouting trips he pieced it all together at the end.

Greg, Simon and Ian, cheers for the help.

And thanks peeps for turning up, it wouldn't have been the day it was without your company...

Oh and big it up to Rictus, the man can hardly walk, has a broken shoulder and still made it to Burford. Man you are made of better stuff than me.

Who else got BOTH wheels off the ground on the hump back bridges (I did, I did)

And cheers to Steve H for the company on the ride back. Now you can keep up I guess we wll have officially stop calling you "Slow Steve"

See you next year everybody

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Red ones
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Home at 6pm - 320 miles in all

Great day!! (and tea with Rictus!!!)
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Yep, second all the above comments, :P

I never saw Jonboy to have it out with him about truck drivers

Good day had by me and thats what counts, 320 miles from home to the pub.

Keith SV was panicking about the rain, there wasnt any, till I got home and stopped off for a well deserved 4 pints of Marstons Pedigree.

Sid Squid owes me a pint of Babycham :P after showing him my squared off Z6, thats what happens to Metzelers when you ride like a wuss

Thanks to everyone Thanks to those I have met before, thanks to all those who I didnt speak to,

Scotland anyone? well next year then
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'idle Management
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Ok the serious post.

Thanks to the organisers. Jelster and Baldyman. Thanks to Big Ape who made a fantastic camp(not in a gay way, although that hair ) host.
Thanks to Raf, Squid, JonBoy and Si again for junction marking, and all the other junction markers as well (see it does work )

And finaly to everyone that made the effort to turn up on the ride. Its all about you lot, and its what you make it. It all went off without incident which for a 50+ rideout that isnt officaily organised, is very good.

Big up to Irl-Daz for make the journey over form Ireland, and for all those that traveled a distance to get there.

Some awards

Comedy tent award goes to JonBoy
Comedy hair award goes to BigApe
Insaine/dedicated award goes to Rictus (im still trying to work out which)
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Glad you all had a good time and all safe and sound
Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

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Originally Posted by fizzwheel
Glad you all had a good time and all safe and sound
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Many thanks to the organisers! The fact that even I didn't get lost
shows how well things were managed.
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John T
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And on the way back I lost John and Daryl & Nicola at Evesham. It used to be a sleepy little place, now it's all ring roads and roundabouts.
Glad you got back okay. I tried to find an easier way out of Evesham but still ended back on the M5. I lost Daryl and Nic as well, the closer I got to home the faster I rode. I was desperate to get off the bike and get the blood back into my bum.

Another thanks from me to Jelster, Baldyman, Sid Squid and everyone else who helped to put this together. I really appreciate the effort you guys put into this.

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Cheers to everyone who turned up today, and thanks for making (another) ex SV owner feel welcome!

A great days riding, great weather (sun shone all the way back to Liverpool), and well organised. Thanks especially to all of the corner markers! They managed to keep us all together despite the best attempts by car drivers and horses! One question though: Where were you when I really needed you?

Same again next year?

Ps Thanks to the people with ti Akrapovic systems for reminding me how great my Sv sounded. Makes me wish I had have kept it! The sound today was incredible! Nowt sounds better than a V twin! Apart from a Benelli Tornado with an Arrow race sytem on it. :P
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as it's the first time I've ridden in a big group I was really worried about it all. It turned out to be really good fun, well managed and a good pace.

Hope I rode correctly for the ones around me

Thanks to mysteryjimbo and the others for the ride home, would have been a boring ride home otherwise.

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