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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by Adam Ef View Post
Welds are usually stronger than the metal they are holding together. I did a bicycle building / brazing course a few years back and the first thing we did was weld two pieces of tube together and then try and destroy the weld. No one could do it. Everyone destroyed the tubes trying to pull the weld apart. Unclean or incomplete welds however...
The weakest part of a weld is normally the heat affected zone right next to it, where the toe of the fillet meets the parent metal, the grain has been heated and cooled - can be heat treated after welding to refine the grain and make it stronger. Sometimes the parent metal can be undercut in the area where weld meets parent metal which thins the metal, the change of section between thick weld and tube concentrates stress in that area.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Why didn't I go for a ride yesterday when the sun was out, and relatively warm?

Today was bad, tomorrow is meant to be even worse
We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
Make everyday count
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

its a bit moist out there! It could be worse.. !
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by pookie View Post
its a bit moist out there! It could be worse.. !
said the fisherman to the ...........
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Ordered 3 items together on Amazon. Got a message that they've sent one item first to expedite the delivery, and the other 2 will follow. Now got a message that the other 2 have been despatched. First one sent will arrive 25th, second package due to arrive 22nd.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by Bibio View Post
to bend it like that its a fair old force that has been applied. my guess is someone has used it as a lever or reversed/driven a car/van into it.

Still no luck getting through to Abba and no response to messages.

Mentioned it to my mechanic friend today and he has had the same happen to his. Obvioulsly his has had a bit more use being a motorcycle mechanic and it being used in his workshop. His bent at the join too. Happened gradually over time. He had it bent back to a right angle and had a gusset welded in to the inside corner to strengthen it.

I may just get that done myself rather than gettting Abba to sort it even if they do reply to me and / or offer.
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