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Default Home Safe Thread

Viper is home safe

thanks for a great weekend.

feel free to post here so we know everyone gets home safe

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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Fizz and Diamond back safe
Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Back with a cuppa in hand, and two working cylinders

thanks all for a great wknd
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

In, tired, a bit cold.
I look good, I mean really good! Hey everyone come and see how good I look!

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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Bluethunder is home

Great w/end guys, nice to meet everyone and looking foward to those photos.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Back about 1.30pm, showered, tidied and chilling watching Touring Cars. Absolutely awesome weekend with a bunch of top, top people. Big thanks to all involved in organising
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

made it, for some reason bike kept getting faster the nearer to home it got, so bluefish dave preston and manx matt all safe, cheers for a great weekend to everybody who helped organise it.
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Got home about half hour ago. Just signing in to thank all the laydeez and cuddly gents for a really honestly lovely lovely weekend.
Off for a proper cup of Yorkshire tea, a bath, and then evict any earwigs that maybe left over from the nest of them under the tent
I you all. XXX

I be mostly on line later

ps. Third time lucky for Suzy, I now trust her to get to AR10
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Default Re: Home Safe Thread

Originally Posted by TSM View Post
you gona tell me what TSM stands for yet?

home at 1020 was at work a little after that ugh


thanks all - was a fantastic weekend - even if i was in the yaris
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