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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by ethariel View Post
Want to take bets on an attempted Media redirection form current Government issues to a juicy Spy Story instead?
of course. Deflection/distraction is what they do to stop you looking at the real issues.

The Borders Bill has tried to be buried by other things when that's come around in the news.

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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

They will have to start a war - that's the usual way to deflect attention from sleaze and corruption and dishonesty.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by svenrico View Post
Alleged Chinese spy found in parliament ...
I got confused by the press reports I scanned. All it seemed to suggest was that a Chinese woman with connections was making donations to MPs etc., presumably seeking to get information/influence in return.

So what makes that so threateningly different to the motivations of all the other party donors? Why does this one suddenly shake the foundations of our system? Isn't it just the chinese variant of the old "cash for questions" scandal? (Putting aside what the security service may not be disclosing, of course.)
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

My new towbar cycle carrier arrived and when I went to fit it... towbar said no. Flip.

My car has a fixed flange standard towball and Thule carriers, I now know, need a longer stem. The website I bought the carrier from said it fits all bolt on (ie flange type) balls which is clearly wrong. Thankfully, after a bit of Googling, I've found I need to swap to an Al-ko compatible fitting and everything should fit.

I feel a snotty email to coming on.
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