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Talking Heads
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Default Re: The Crash Detectives - a sobering story

Originally Posted by maviczap View Post
loads of coppers in the station hiding under their desks
Very amateur, the professional constable has a range of places to hide from sergeants and inspectors when they fancy a skive or a snooze.
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Red Herring
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Default Re: The Crash Detectives - a sobering story

I had a great knock off once due to me looking for somewhere quite to hide up. It had been a rather more boring than usual mid week night shift and the miserable weather was turning my town centre foot patrol into a bit of a drag (it was obviously a long time ago when young officers weren't allowed in the Panda cars) so I blagged a bag of chips off the local kebab shop and snuck off somewhere quiet to eat them, which happened to be up the fire escape at the back of one of the shops. Just as I was getting nice and cosy I heard this tapping sound from somewhere nearby so I walked across the roof and looked down into the rear year of the adjacent building, which was a bank. There I saw this figure of a man working away, and next to him was a nice fresh pile of bricks that he had been painstakingly removing one by one from the rear wall. I quietly retraced my steps back down the fire escape (can't remember if I finished my chips first) and round to the alley leading up the side of the bank where I was able to sneak right up behind him. He was so engrossed in his task exposing the back of the safe that he completely failed to see me standing there until he turned to add the latest brick to the pile, and the shock seemed to paralyse him for just long enough to enable me to get the cuffs on. The Sergeant never did ask as to how I'd known he was up there. None of that happens these days, the villains just go to the social and get given their money without having to go out and steal it.........
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