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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Cold and rainy.
Seems this years winter weather is going to mostly be rain.
Highs of 1 and 2 degrees all weekend and raining.
I'd rather have snow.

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"

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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

Hermes...There is a bell for a reason, so I know you are at the door. I am not physic. I cannot hear you knock when I am in the office at the bottom of the garden. Yes I have a bell sounder there so I know there is someone at the door.

My postman is brilliant, if he needs a signature he actually comes through the gate and down to the office.

If Hermes had a decent tracking system like some, I would know the van is down the road etc.

Useless why do some people use them. If course they are cheap for a reason.
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Default Re: Gripe of the day - What is yours?

I use Hermes a lot due to price and I drive past the drop off shop most days so a zero fuel and time cost.

I find that the vast majority of people are happy with Hermes BUT those that aren't will have had consistently bad service. This leads me to believe it's the last link in the chain that's the problem, bad delivery driver = bad overall service. Unfortunately folk look at the total price including postage and always go for the cheapest. If I list something on eBay with multiple postage options folk always choose the cheapest.
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