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Drew Carey
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Default Hovis - My Memory and Yours


Whilst still crying and so so so so and Lily have been talking about all the brilliant memories we have had. So, I wanted to start a thread where people can place their most profound memory of him. Please can I request no quotes, no comments, just memories......plain and simple.

My most profound memory.......AR08.......the now infomous rocking horse. It summed up all that is Hovis. Love you.
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Hovis RIP Buddy - 13/08/1975 - 03/10/2009
"Feckinnnn Unluckkeeeeeeee"
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

Getting seperated from the main pack on North Wales 4 rideout , Hovis was the one that came looking for me and the others and between us all we regrouped in record time , he was like a Shining light of Yellow Goodness in a moment that had turned wrong . He had an inkling of where we were and came after us , I was sat in Betwys-Y-Coed , thinking all was lost , I had a pillion as well . We found Genesismike and sat there wondering what the hell was going on . I heard a pipe being blipped further down Betwys and knew it had to be an ORGer , then the Yellow vision of Hovis appeared .

The memory of him teasing that Bat eared Dog on NW4 as well , I was sure he was gonna get a nip then .

Doing what he did best and that was keeping many people entertained .

The Barmouth or Bust rideout as well , giving me a cheeky blart from his Hindle pipe and a Wheelie as he went past me whilst I taped the arrival from the roadside at the Ponderosa .

A good friend of mine once said "you know the measure of a man by the hole that they leave behind" , Hovis , you left a ruddy great hole wherever you went feller .

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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

My fondest and funniest would have to be the pink elephant ride on the Invasion of the Valleys, and the subsequent telling off we all received!

I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time!

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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

AR09 - 8.30am Saturday morning, (after his normal conservative night on the booze) Hovis emerges from his tent in just his boxers, little hovis on full view and then the words

"what time is this f**king ride then"

priceless and it scared me for life
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

AR08 - Hovis semi concious on a bar stool, rocking backwards and forwards. This went on for hours and he never bloody fell off !!!!

I cant remember a time before or after that i have laughed so much.

Go on have a look awsome.
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours


Sums up Hovis Really. Hardknott pass on the North South Rideout.

shared a room with him on the first north south rideout a cracking guy indeed.

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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

Everything hovis seemed to say or do had a hilarious tinge to it - sure he won't mind being remembered for that at all.
For me the recent peaks rideout stands out, 'Beer time!' is all I need to say.
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

Helping him trying to fix Boris Mk1 when it broke down when he was due to go to the AR a year or two ago...
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours

  • The balancing of various items, mainly a card tower, on Hovis's head whilst he rocked back and forth on his little stool in the middle of the pub, AR08.
  • The snorting of vodka at Peaks Revenge rideout just a few weeks ago
  • Hovis being rugbytackled by Wideboy at AR08.
  • Hovis sleeping in his bunk at the Peaks while 2 other orgers got their knee down on him and he then suddenly bursting out of his sleeping bag scaring them both ****less
Thinking about it I believe I've only been on 2 rideouts with the fella, but they were both so memorable and without him they probably wouldn't have been half as funny. Neither rideout was in Wales and I was so looking forward to his next Welsh TT. Still so shocked. What a bloke.
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Default Re: Hovis - My Memory and Yours


Quiff had been on the pool table all night.

Hovis deliberately stands right next to the table, just where Quiff wanted to be to take a shot. The conversation went like this:-

Hovis - Am I in your way?

Quiff - Yeah, you are mate.

Hovis - faaaarkin unluckeeee - then turned his back on Quiff and carried on drinking.

Don't often see Quiff completely lost for words, I nearly ****ed myself.
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