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Seeker 23-06-22 07:02 AM

Interpreting road tests
I've read many road tests recently and I feel a guide is needed, so here we go :)

The bike was nimble (it was twitchy)
Handling was agile (I crashed)
The suspension was sporty (you're going to lose fillings)
The seat was firm (you'll need to sit on a cushion after every ride)
Comfort was pretty good (I ache all over)
Gearbox needed positive selection (it was baulky and had false neutrals)
Dash was intuitive (I asked my kid to help me)
Dash was not intuitive (where the hell is trip A?)
Front brake need a firm hand (it was crap)
Back brake was pretty good (it was also crap)
Brakes were good (I did a stoppy!)
Acceleration was brisk (I did a wheelie!)
Overtaking needed some planning (preferably on a long downhill road with the wind behind you)
Exhaust had a nice rumble (it was loud)
Headlight gave a nice pattern (but not actually on the road)
Horn was muted (you couldn't hear it)
Weather protection could be better (they forgot the mudguards)
Range is limited (I ran out of petrol)
Fuel economy was good (I gave it back empty)
There was an electrical gremlin (I left the ignition on, flattened the battery and it wouldn't start)
Premium product (Good grief it's expensive)
Budget priced (it rotted away before the end of the test)

redtrummy 23-06-22 08:05 AM

Re: Interpreting road tests
Very funny - just suits my warped sense of humour

garynortheast 23-06-22 10:36 AM

Re: Interpreting road tests
That sounds like a pretty reasonable interpretation! :-)

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