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Just Ballast
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Default Thanks For The Memories

The time has come for us to hang up our spurs, and say 'Goodbye' to our biking days.

Pete's eyesight is still not 'Bike-safe', making any sort of fun riding far too risky. He was also diagnosed two days ago with a blood clot that stretches from his calf to his knee that required immediate teatment, and although this in itself wouldn't affect his riding, it's just another indicator that maybe it's time to stop. We've managed over 120k miles together and never had an off. It would be really bloody silly to have one now. So the Duke is up for sale, and we're going to stick with four wheels from now on. An MR2 isn't a bike, but fun in its own way.

We have had some fantastic times with our fellow Org-ers, and would like to thank everyone who made owning the SV, and later the Duke, such a pleasure. There are some truly nice people on this site who we have been happy to spend time with.

Take care, everyone, and keep it rubber side down. I will be watching, so no more crashes!
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

Lissa, thats a real shame, I'm sure everyone will miss you and Pete on the rideouts on that lovely yellow Duke

Wishing Pete all the best and hope things get sorted
We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories


Really sorry to hear about this Lissa, Was looking forward to catching up with the pair of you again this year.
Please stay in touch and drop by the .Org and local rides to show your face from time to time.
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

Nooo I had a feeling this was coming!

I'm hoping we'll still see you about though?
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

Just out of interest, your not looking at caravans as well are you?

Just asking because I know Mike started looking at MR2's and then is a slippery slope you know....
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Old 19-02-11, 09:40 AM   #6
Bri w
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories


Really sorry to hear this Lissa.

Won't be the same not hearing a single cylinder Duke, then a twin then back to a single

But you never know. Once the medics sort Pete out he'll be itching to get out on two wheels again. And nothing stopping you coming to the AR in the car.

Best wishes to you both.

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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

sad news, well you know what i mean, hope pete makes a full and quick recovery, time to buy those tartan slippers
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

That sucks guys, as G said ive been expecting this news at some point

I'm gutted for you, still don't have to be stranger though, the weekends could still be an option
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

Oh dear, sorry to read this.

Tell Pete he better get himself sorted. We need as many old farts on bikes as possible. Then again, how can he get into his second childhood whilst still in his first.

Larry wont sit right with a backrest nor can he be seen.
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Iansv II
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Default Re: Thanks For The Memories

Such a shame, hope Pete recovers soon

Won't be the same to not see you both and that lovely bike on anymore rideouts

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