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Default Suspension & brakes

Hi members,

I just bought a MY 2000 SV650 with only 5000 miles on the clock as a project bike.

Being a newbie regarding this model, I'd like to know if you have recomendations ( that don't break the bank ) for a quite heavy guy like me ( 220 pounds ) riding fast on mountain & canyon roads in Europe.

Many cheers!
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Default Re: Suspension & brakes


There are a few suspension threads, this one has a table of shocks from other bikes with lengths etc:

This next one is for insomniacs since it goes on for 51 pages:
I haven't read it so I don't what they talked about for so many pages.

I recently bought a new shock for my Yam - Nitron, K-Tech, Maxton, M-shock, YSS all seem to be roughly in the 450-550 range, more if you want a remote reservoir. The German shock (Wilbers) was more expensive for us in the UK. The advantage with buying new is that they will fit a spring according to your weight, disadvantage is price.

Brakes - the SV is known for having weak brakes - harder pads, braided lines all help. Some have changed the front end (forks from a GSXR) which gives better front suspension and brakes - "Bibio" is an excellent source of info on that.
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Default Re: Suspension & brakes

there are a few options but best bang for bucks would be retro fitting a shock from another bike and some new springs and oil for the front.

only problem fitting a shock from another bike is that you will have to modify the battery box depending on the shock.
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Default Re: Suspension & brakes

I have a 2001 SVS so the same model type.

The best bang for buck you could do is new fork springs to suit your weight and some appropriate oil for the spring rate. Personally I would always recommend going for linear rate springs, you know exactly what you've got. Buying "progressive" springs because someone somewhere said progressives are the way forward is fraught with difficulties, exactly what progressive rate have you got and where in the range are you using it? With linear you know what it is.
I use springs from K-tech

At your weight I'd suggest you'll need 9.0N/mm, possibly even more, but the stock springs are way too soft, somewhere round 7N/mm I believe.
I'd recommend Fuchs/Silkolene Maintain RSF fork oil, it has a good stability of viscosity with temperature (Viscosity Index VI). I'd suggest RSF 10W would do it, at least for a start, it's higher viscosity than many typical 10W oils from other makers.
I have 8.5N/mm springs and a mix of 7.5 and 10W RSF in mine and it's comfortable but not soft. I'm about 80kg/180 lbs.

Rear units I don't know about on the SV, but note that the end fittings are different for our type model than for later types so be cautious about recommendations from other bikes, they might not be the right pattern.
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