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Default MoT

Got the bike booked in for an MoT on Thursday, but it took a while to find someone locally who could do it.

My usual place has closed down as the owner has retired, there's nowhere in Welshpool any longer doing motorcycle MoTs.

Finally found a place in Newtown. There is a bike shop in Newtown too, who do them, but a lot of folk complain that they use the test to generate sales of parts and labour for themselves. Place I'm booked into has a dedicated m/c MoT tester but they don't do m/c servicing and repairs.
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Default Re: MoT

There are fewer and fewer testers as a result of the rules getting more stringent.

I'm lucky that my little town (Bollington) has a specialist bike shop run by Malc Jackson, a former European sidecar champion and a proper enthusiast. He can do everything but always gives honest advice and never tries to blag people. At the same time he won't pass a bike that is shonky.

Last week when I was having him put a new rear tyre on, he had a Vyrus he'd just MoT'd and some new OZ magnesium wheels for it. The wheels were utterly gorgeous, around 2,500 a pair apparently. Having had a good look at them and felt their weight (literally half of an SV wheel) you can understand why. Like most good mechanical things, they're works of art too.
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