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Default Fuel pump problem, maybe.

hi everyone
i have a new problem on my k3 when switching ignition on sometimes the fuel pump does not make its usuall whirring noise on pre startup check. if i turn ignition off and back on it is fine. but today it happen 3 times where it made a short whirring noise and stopped on fourth time it was ok. any ideas on what this might be is it a minor or major problem

thanks chris
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Default Re: fuel pump !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a lose connection to me, lift the tank up and have a look at all the connectors under there make sure there all fully pushed to geather. Also this could be a long shot but check the kill switch wire is fully connected because if its a bit dodgey it could be why it keeps cutting it out, Dom
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Default Re: Fuel pump problem, maybe.

same thing happens to my k3 after a cold night occasionally,
im assuming its down to the pump being sooooo cold having petrol around it all night, and probably needing to good clean out.
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Default Re: Fuel pump problem, maybe.

I've got Exactly the same thing, short buzz several times with the dreaded FI indication, before the proper loooong whirr, did you get a definitive diagnosis and solution?
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Default Re: Fuel pump problem, maybe.

I'd say more likely to be other safety systems on the bike, the pumps themselves tend to be pretty reliable
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Default Re: Fuel pump problem, maybe.

Originally Posted by yorkie_chris View Post
the pumps themselves tend to be pretty reliable
Agreed. I've seen a couple of failed pumps, but more often when the problem is traced to the pump itself it's been iffy connections/wiring.
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