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Default Spark plug codes

Came across this yesterday, thought it might be or interest.

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Default Re: Spark plug codes

something else to remember is the temperature of a plug.

this is the ambient outside temperature rating not the running temperature of the bike. its the rating that the plug gets to, to stop fouling.

cold spark plugs 10-13# are for hot climates.

hot spark plugs 2-6# are used in cold climates.

mid spark plugs 7-9# are used in temperate climates (e.g. the UK).

so here in the UK we tend to use 7-9# and if you were really fussy and had a carbed running bike you could use 9-10# in the winter and drop to 7-8# in the summer.
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Default Re: Spark plug codes

That may be true for air-cooled bikes, but with water-cooling, the running temperature is fairly constant, due to thermostat and cooling fan.

Other factors which might require a change in heat range are significant engine modifications, such as increased compression ratio or super-charging. For us guys that don't do that kind of stuff, the best thing to do is simply follow Suzuki's recommendation.
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