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Default Losing the plot...

The dining room has become the kids toy room/playroom. In time, it will become a third bedroom - Mr & Mrs Stingo's. The kids will then have a bedroom each upstairs.

The builder will be commencing work next week installing a window and doing a few other jobs to begin the transformation of said dining room.

Today, I was removing a curtain pole that was located above the French doors in the dining room. This was virtually the last thing to go as all the toys have been 'relocated'...all that's left in the room is a fitted cupboard and the 1930's fireplace and an upright piano.

I was stood on a chair removing the curtain pole when the missus ups and says "Gosh - it seems quite roomy in here now".
I replied "Yeah I know - especially with that piano out".

Short silence followed by "What, that one there?" pointing at the piano...

"Er...oh, yeah. Do you think I could go to bed now please and sleep for a loooonnnnnnnng time?" God only knows what was coursing thru' my mind when I answered in auto...

In case you were concerned, the piano has now been successfully relocated into the lounge.
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