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Default Intermittent flashing indicators.

Had some weird problems the last week with first my right hand back indicator not flashing, causing the front one to flash twice as fast. Now it appears to have jumped over to the lefthand side leaving the right hand one fine again.

I know it might just be a blown indicator but Im wondering if theres any blocks I could check also in case of dodgy connections. Haynes manual should be arriving next week so until then, any insights into where to look & what to check would be grand! Riding in london = lots of bumps so I wouldnt be suprised if somethings been shaken loose somewhere, the question is where...
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Default Re: flashing indicators

Update - just been tinkering with the bike and all the lights are running fine now so looks like theres an intermittent fault somewhere. Gah...
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Sid Squid
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Default Re: flashing indicators

If everything else works OK then the first place to look would be the indicator connectors themselves.
They are grey or black two-pin connectors, trace the cabling back from each indicator to find them, there is a tang on the side of the block, lift that and the connector should come apart easily, if it doesn't make sure you're disengaging the tang fully before yanking on it.
If you don't find any obvious problem there, check continuity across the line into the indicator itself, (stranger things have happened and it only takes a moment to check), while wiggling the wiring. No obvious fault? Then check continuity on the positive line from each rear indicator connector block to it's corresponding front indicator two-pin block, wiggle the wiring and see if you can get it to lose continuity. Same again with the neutral, (earth), line, but if the trouble is there and it isn't easily apparent what the problem is, rather than opening the bike up further just find a suitable point on the neutral wiring - the rear light perhaps - and take a new neutral from there.
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