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Default Itchy Bike feet.

Do you ever get it. For no fathomable reason and despite the fact I cant afford it. I find myself wandering if I want to change my bike.

Theres no reason behind it. I'm really happy with my GSXR, It does everything I want and is a better bike than I'll ever be a rider, yet I find myself walking around bike dealer's looking at a new stead. I'm quite taken with the new 2009 big bang R1 having seen a few pics and heard a clip of the engine running.

Its one of the few bikes I like out of the current crop of Sports Bikes. I caught myself looking at R1100 boxer twin in fowlers the other week as well as a beautfiul 999R. I even have developed a sweet spot for the Yamaha MT01. I know I'd regret getting rid of the GSXR if I did chop it in for something else though...

I think its not being able to ride induced boredom...
Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

Nope! I'm easily pleased my SV - it's all I need
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Mr Speirs
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

I get itchy feet on the bike sometimes. Its well annoying
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

I too get itchie feet Fiz.The thing is ,after slling my house ,I can get what I want ,but something is stopping me.I stop.look ,think mmmmm and then go on my way.
Maybe I keep asking myself if I can really justify it.
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

i've got the itch now too though don't think i'm gonna act on it just yet unless some money roll's in sharpish.
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

Wow Fizz can't believe you started this thread before I did!
Yup entered the competition for the R1 then started thinking about what I would do if I won it. Then was reading in Ride about all the best bikes, like T595, 999R or SP1.
but the best solution for me was riding a CBR400 at the weekend which made me appreciate my own bike so much more (plus with an oil change it's running particularly sweet).
I don't know what it is that I just can't be satisfied, when I should be because my ZX is just perfect.
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

I've got itchy feet now my bikes super shiny after todays scrub a dub dub.
Only thing is when me and matt get itchy feet about bikes, a new one comes in, and none of the others get out.

XTRA RAPTOR...that is all
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

Someone I know is looking at a new bike, so I have found myself looking also!
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kwak zzr
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

i get bored very easily its an expencive hobby bikes and cages.
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MR UKI (1)
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Default Re: Itchy Bike feet...

All the time me. I think it's cos bikes are updated so often (superbikes and supersports especially) and as they are much more affordable to start with compared to any car I would want, second hand they are much much more affordable. For instance I love the underseat R1's (not the 2009 version) and not so long ago decent second hand ones were out of my budget, but now there's loads of really low mileage, decent second hand ones available that I could actually afford. Thus to itchy feet all the time
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