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Default Switch to swap between (restricted)A2 and unrestricted at roadside

Hi Guys
I’m in the UK on an a2 license and want to be able to switch between full power and restricted(47hp).

I only want to be able to switch to lower power easily and discretely in case I ‘went to a track’. (I know most people will say just don’t do it but I want to).

I've had a few ideas on how I could do this:

Running 2 ECU's in parallel
I was thinking about installing both a restricted ECU and a normal ECU in the bike and then having both connected at the same time. I would then wire 2 switches to kill power to one of the ECUs so one is 'dead' and won't respond.

Dual map PowerCommander (piggyback)
I have reservations about trying this because a PowerCommander is 450 and I'm not actually sure this will work.
I could have a PC with a map switcher, run 1 map with normal AFR(air-fuel ratio) and 1 map where I half the AFR to massively reduce power.
The problem is I'm not sure a PowerCommander offers enough adjustment to half the AFR so this may not work.
Switch to disable the ignition
This is the most crude approach - if the bike were to be seized I could flick a switch so the ignition is just no longer connected so it won't start so it can't be dyno'd.
However, I dont think this would go down too well...

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Default Re: Switch to swap between (restricted)A2 and unrestricted at roadside


I know nothing about restricted bikes - who checks to see if they are restricted or not?

I'm guessing the restricted ECU looks like the unrestricted one so couldn't you switch labels or swap the electronics between cases and keep the unrestricted installed permanently? If they're epoxy "potted" the latter wouldn't work.

Even if they suspected the substitution, would anybody bother to dyno it to check?

When do you get your license?
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Default Re: Switch to swap between (restricted)A2 and unrestricted at roadside

I would think a load of odd wiring around the ecu would arouse suspicion and lead to investigation while just running the bike on a standard ecu would not be noticed by your average cop. Very different if you had a crash and the insurance got involved though.
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Default Re: Switch to swap between (restricted)A2 and unrestricted at roadside

Personally I'd just bite the bullet and put up with the restricted version for a while. You're not going to be on it for that long, and the consequences of being caught, however remote, could have a really serious impact on your insurance premiums. Insurance costs are bad enough as it is without risking them being jacked up any further!
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Default Re: Switch to swap between (restricted)A2 and unrestricted at roadside

I agree Gary
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