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Default rear shock change

I was always under the impression that a shock of a gsxr would be an upgrade for me on my sv.... but looking at this list below then only one or two would benifit my needs.... basically if i want to stiffen the ride up from the stock sv shock i need to select something below the 2nd gen shock...

Or am i getting something totally wrong. Sorry if this sounds dumb but i am still learning with all this stuff.

===== ========= ===== =====

01-03 GSXR600 325.5mm 325#

96-99 GSXR750 345mm 375#

97-00 GSXR600 375mm 375#

00-03 GSXR750 325mm 400#

04 GSXR750 332.5mm 408#

04 GSXR600 332.5mm 425#

01-02 GSXR1000 329.5mm 430#

03-04 SV650 330mm 430# <<<==== stock 2nd gen...

05 GSX-R 1000 332.5mm 450#

03-04 GSXR1000 332.5mm 480#

99-02 SV650 337mm 510# <<<====stock 1st gen

04-07 ZX10R 338mm 540#

03-04 ZX6R(636) 340mm 540#

99-03 GSXR1300(Busa) 330mm 700#

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Default Re: rear shock change

I just bought an Ohlins, but that was when I had money.
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Default Re: rear shock change

no. the 1st-2nd gen are there only as a reference to original.

just pick the shock from the list that best fits your needs. if the seat hight is to low fit a longer length shock, to tall fit a lower length shock.

if you are a pie eater then fit a stiffer spring, a lettuce muncher fit a softer spring.

strange, i added an 08 gsxr1000 shock to the list specifically coz it suits short ppl but it seems to have disappeared...
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Default Re: rear shock change

Fitting a GSX-R shock (or similar replacement shock) does two things.

  1. It changes the spring stiffness. This will affect how well the shock handles your weight and the weight of your passenger/luggage. Obviously a stiffer spring will make it better suited to heavier riders / luggage etc, a softer spring will make it better for light weight riders.
  2. It changes the damping (usually for the better) characteristics. An SV shock has pretty basic damping and is soon overwhelmed on bumpy fast roads. A GSXR shock has more upmarket parts that allow more damping while flowing more oil / gas so less likely to overheat and become overwhelmed. You get compression damping (SV has none) and rebound damping, both of which are adjustable.
For you mate, a stiffer spring is a must as the SV shock will struggle with anything over 12st or so. From the list an 03-04 GSXR shock may be the best option. However if you have money to spend an Ohlins or similar built for your weight will be even better still. Flymo's Elka unit is pure sex, but his is a race bike, so maybe too exotic for the road. A Hagon unit sprung for your weight is a step up from SV shock without going to all the expense of Ohlins etc.
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Default Re: rear shock change

Being somewhere the wrong side of 18st plus a heavy set of leathers and armour plus regular small but significant luggage, occasional pillion, I really feel my 25k miles original shock is on it's last legs. Got a lower mileage replacement original SV shock to do soon, but sounds like I need something much beefier. Did I read somewhere that a Hayabusa shock is a good choice for the huskier gentleman? Easy to fit?
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Default Re: rear shock change

Ask badger how he went on with his GSXR1000 shock. I seem to remember fitting a GSXR1000 K5 one for paul the 6th which might be about right too.
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Default Re: rear shock change

I bought a K3 or K4 GSXR1000 shock from Flymo , shock gave a tad more height than normal and I weigh 17stone and it has coped admirably with pillions and luggage as well . I have not changed a single setting from the ones Flymo had it set to . All you need to do is buy the bottom GSXR bolt and you are good to go . Some people may also need to cut a little bit out of the bottom of the battery box on some models to give the top of the reservoir a bit of room . All in all it should take you about an hour to hour and a half to do
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Default Re: rear shock change

If you can get to me Dave , I have an Abba stand and plenty`o`tools here and can give you a hand ........... well , you make the Tea and I`ll fit it
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Default Re: rear shock change

Why not upgrade to a curvy 1st generation shock?
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Default Re: rear shock change

Because anything off a Curvy would give a Pointy AIDS
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