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carelesschucca 11-04-16 02:53 PM

Chain Monkey
Has anyone had the pleasure/pain of trying to use a Chain Monkey.

Is it worth the outlay.

ManMango 12-04-16 01:09 AM

Re: Chain Monkey
Never heard of it until today. Just watched an official youtube video on how to use it.

I do not see how it accounts for tighter and more stretched areas of a chain. Perhaps someone else can explain this?

DarrenSV650S 12-04-16 03:45 PM

Re: Chain Monkey
Seems like it makes the process more complicated. So much easier just to hold up a tape measure

Balky001 13-04-16 12:12 AM

Re: Chain Monkey
I've seen these before but never used one. It would be nice to know the chain is exactly as tight as you want it each time you adjust it. Once the initial set up is done it would be quick too.

shiftin_gear98 29-04-16 11:54 AM

Re: Chain Monkey
As I will be shortly swapping tyres over, and I've just seen this. I thought what the hell and bought one.

I'll comment once I've had a go.

shiftin_gear98 03-05-16 08:02 PM

Re: Chain Monkey
Well it's arrived. So far only taken out of packet, still no tyres. First impression, really light, that's cause it's plastic. Hoping to have a go at the weekend tyres permitting.

shiftin_gear98 11-05-16 09:38 PM

Re: Chain Monkey
Actually used it tonight. It might not be for the semi pro mechanics amongst you. But for the likes of me, it was great. Simple, quick, and worked.

SIII 12-05-16 08:24 AM

Re: Chain Monkey
Quiet expensive for what it is!!! Think I'll stick to the old tried and tested simple method, don't adjust my chain that often, or find it needs doing. Usually at tyre change time and then its more of a hassle getting wheels in line, than getting chain tension correct. Certainly wouldn't work on the KTM. Chain's looser than a wh*re's knickers on that thing !!!

Do you really need to carry it on the bike ???? Can't say I've ever tensioned my chain mid-ride !!!

Bibio 14-05-16 11:12 PM

Re: Chain Monkey
even cheeper... yes i'm Scottish. get a ruler and block of wood. place against swingarm mark where the manual says then cut the block of wood to fit under the swingarm and use that every time, or just use a ruler. me i just tighten till it just hits the slider. better a little loose than too tight. too tight will burger your output shaft bearings.

tiz not rocket science.

shiftin_gear98 13-12-17 08:47 AM

Re: Chain Monkey
As these guys have emailed me - there is a 10% discount if you enter MONKEY10 at checkout.

No I do not work for them, I do find this tool quite useful. It speeds the whole chain tensioning up to less than 60 seconds. That and the wheel alignment tool I use.

Link might help.

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