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Default A tyre thread.... For a change.

I've been introduced to a new tyre garage well 2 new garges tbh. One is woozles on teh A64, and the other is called steve sirrels in Scholes. Anyway thats besides the point.

1 garage has offered me some Avon VP2 for 196inc fitment to the bike.
the other has offered me some MAxxis superport radial for 130 inc fitment to the wheel.

Now I'm stuck in my mind of which tyres to go for and I'd love to hear your arguemtns for and against. Any experiances etc I dont what to know about any other tyres Im choosing out of those 2 so pls dont preach about your avon storms or your conti what evers.

Cheers all.
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Spanner Man
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Default Re: A tyre thread.... For a change.

Good evening.

According to my customers Viper 2's are an excellent tyre in the dry, & work pretty well in the wet for a sports tyre.
Maxxis are good for the money involved, the main complaint seems to be that they take a while to warm up. I fitted some to an SV 1000 at the customers request, he was happy enough with them but chose to go back to Road Attacks when they were due for renewal. They had also done a considerably lower mileage than the Road Attacks he'd had before, Somewhat negating the money saved.

Spanner Man
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Default Re: A tyre thread.... For a change.

Not sure if this is any help, but received from MCN via e-mail today.

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mister c
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Default Re: A tyre thread.... For a change.

Got Maxxis on mine, love em to bits.
this makes a good read
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Default Re: A tyre thread.... For a change.

One of ym dads colleuges has fitted some Maxxis tyres to his SV, because of the price. He commutes every day (about 30 miles round trip) so didnt want to be paying through the roof for a set of tyres that only last 4000 miles. So far, he's been quite happy with the maxxis. He said they work well in the wet, work good from cold (although with the warmer weather its hard to really judge their cold weather performance) and hasnt noticed any problems with the tyre.

Im considering them for my next set of tyres aswell
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Default Re: A tyre thread.... For a change.

The Raptor was fitted with maxxis when we first got it, its still got the front on, but has a Storm on the rear now(Im Indoors is skint so couldn't replace the rear)
He hasn't raved about the Maxxis in the way I'd expect if he had an excellent tyre, just says they are 'ok'. He prefers to have some that last, but the Raptor doesn't give him much choice with that...the Maxxis did last a fair few miles considering this.

He does prefer the Storm on the rear(but you don't want to know the info on that)
I have heard some good reports about the VP2 from my tyre fitter, the price you have there seems reasonable to me, as the Storms are 180 a pair fitted at our tyre shop just to compare.
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